Nub Cafe

Nub Cafe


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No one can ignore the importance of starting their day off with a delectable coffee beverage.  If you also happen to be a true cigar nut whose a fan of the curiously shaped Nub brand, we have amazing news.  The folks at Oliva Cigar Company have crafted an ingenious marriage of tobacco and coffee flavors in their beloved Nub line.  Savor tons of the creamy deliciousness from your favorite cup of joe with a nice variety of Nub formats.  Nub Café is available in 3 distinct varieties: Cappuccino, Espresso and Macchiato.  Cappuccino features silky Ecuador Connecticut wrappers over a creamy amalgam of cedar, coffee beans and vanilla flavors.  Espresso utilizes a hearty Sumatra wrapper to deliver an intoxicating aroma of dark cocoa and bittersweet toast.  Macchiato delivers milky caramel flavors with a sugary profile tucked under chocolaty Sumatra wrappers. Nub Café covers all the bases when it comes to coffee and cigars, order yours today!

Each Nub Cafe cigar offers a unique blend and flavor profile:

Cappuccino: A creamy, smooth profile of coffee, cedar and vanilla.

Espresso: Flavors of dark cocoa with a bittersweet toasty aroma satisfy.

Macchiato: Milky caramel and chocolate offer a delectable finish.