CAO Flavours

CAO Flavours


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CAO sets the modern-day standard for top-quality flavored cigars.  Their flavored concoctions run the gamut from cherry and vanilla to mango and mint ice cream.  Manufactured in the Dominican Republic, CAO Flavours sport a mellow assortment of long-filler tobaccos doused in just about every flavor the mind can imagine.  These cigars are a must-try for flavored cigar lovers.

Each CAO Flavours cigar offers a unique blend and flavor profile:

Bella Vanilla – Flavored with high-grade vanilla beans from Madagascar.

Cherry Bomb – A heavenly trilogy of cherry, black currant and vanilla.

Eileen’s Dream – Notes of Irish crème and white chocolate truffles abound.

Gold Honey – Orange blossom honey mingles with a whisper of earthy richness.

Moontrance – Delicate notes of exotic fruit and bourbon vanilla essence.