BCV Monthly Value Club

BCV Monthly Value Club


  • $ 24.99

Trying to think of a perfect gift for someone (or a gift to yourself)? Enroll in the BCV Monthly Value Club! You'll get 4 (four) GREAT cigars per month for the low price of $24.99! Shipping included!

This is a subscription product but, you can end your subscription any time you want. No roping you in for a whole year!

Whatever day you order, you will be billed that day and get the shipment for that month. Reoccurring monthly shipments/payments will process on the 1st day of each month. Example: If you order on the 15th day of December, you will be billed and receive the pack for December immediately. You will then be billed again on January 1st for January's pack.

All cigars included in shipments will be PREMIUM cigars. All long filler. All Fresh. All tasty. Unlike other monthly clubs I don't get my cigars for free from manufacturers to advertise their brands. I don't use leftover or old inventory I'm trying to get rid of. I'm not sending out dried up stuff that I can't sell otherwise. The cigars I'm sending out are cigars that I think are good enough for you guys to smoke, enjoy and then BUY MORE of from me.

Join today!