BCV Points

BCV Points are our way of rewarding our loyal customers. Here's how the system works:

50 BCV Points = $1
At the base level, you earn 1 BCV point for every $1 spent.
Once you spend $500, you're automatically upgraded to the Bronze tier. You now get 2 BCV Points for every $1 spent.
Once you've spent a total of $1500, you're upgraded to the Silver tier. You now get 3 BCV Points for every $1 spent.
At $4000, you've reached the Gold tier. Now you get 5 BCV Points for every $1 spent.
Finally, if you spend all the way up to $10,000, you'll reach the Platinum tier and you'll get 8 BCV points for every $1 you spend.
We will also be running promotions where you'll get bonus BCV Points for certain purchases and promotions where certain items will cost an insanely low number of BCV Points to purchase.