No Bic Deal: Finding the Right Lighter for Your Cigar

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finding the right lighter - best cigar values

Lighting your cigar is one of the most important parts of smoking. Just like you take care with cutting and puffing, lighting your cigar can feel sacred and needs to be done properly. Don't use one of those cheap Bic lighters you pick-up at the convenience store – you need a butane lighter that’s going to give you the perfect light every time for your stogie.  We'll walk you through some of the best cigar lighters out there and give recommendations on how to get the perfect light for your stogie.

Colibri Lighters

When you think cigar gear, you’re probably thinking Colibri. The purveyors of cigar cutters and lighters, they ensure a quality product every time that will last you for countless smoking sessions. You can go with something sleek and simple like the Colibri Julius, a to-the-point lighter that reflects the proud legacy of the company. Or, if you want something more involved, you can even get something like the Colibri Boss that also comes equipped with a triple-flame and cigar cutter so you can kill two birds with one stogie. If you're not into the idea of having a two-in-one tool, Colibri also has an excellent line of traditional cigar cutters like the Colibri Manza Cut and the beastly double guillotine Colibri Cut with color blades. It's hard to go wrong with a Colibri cutter. 

Your choice of lighter comes down to how fancy you want to get and how serious you want to take your smoke. If you’re just starting out, their
Enterprise series gives you a great entry into tabletop lighters without too many frills.

Nub Lighters

Nub may be best known as the cigar brand spawned from Oliva Cigars, but they’re also one of the premiere manufacturers for cigar lighters. And when we say “premiere”, we really mean that they’re producing some real heavy duty, sleek equipment. Just look at the Nub Triple Torch Table Top Lighter – this beastly lighter proudly boasts the Nub name across the side and gives you a powerful light every time without even having to pick it off the tabletop. Pair it with a Nub ashtray and you can be the ultimate Nub superfan.

S.T. DuPont

Lighters don’t just have to be tools – they can be works of art in themselves. With how ritualistic and artful lighting a cigar can be, why not have the same level of dignity with your lighter as well? S.T. DuPont runs on the high-end of lighters, but it shows in the craftsmanship. The Ligne 2 may cost a pretty penny, but it exudes a refined ethos that really gets to the spirit of cigar smoking. Even the comparatively more affordable Maxi Jet lighter burns with the confidence of a seasoned smoker.

Xikar Lighters

Xikar is all about finding the intersection between innovation and affordability. If you’re into gadgets and finding new ways to take on old tasks, Xikar may be the brand for you. They can get as simple as the single-flamed Xikar Flash to something as intense as the Volta which features – get this – quad-flame and a lid inspired by camera aperture. Xikar is always doing things a bit different, which is why many smokers love trying out their new products.  

Ready to pass the torch from a plastic Bic to something that’s going to give you the best smoke? Any of these options above will get the job done, it just comes down to your preference. Check out our full catalog of lighters today and find the lighter that’s right for you.

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