How CAO Cigars Makes Stogies with Help from Their Customers

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Cao Cigars

The cigar industry is full of family stories, passing along their businesses from generation to generation. In that regard, CAO Cigars continues in the lineage of their peers – keeping within the Ozgener family since Cano Ozgener made his first go in the industry back in 1980. But staying within “what’s historically” been done isn’t really fit into what CAO is really about.

One of CAO’s defining characteristics has long been its commitment to listening to their customers. Sure, that’s a sentiment that many businesses in many different fields like to tote around, but CAO truly embodies that spirit within their cigars. CAO regularly hosts events for their fans and customers, giving them a chance to talk in person about what they like and what they don’t in their new cigars. It’s a constant pursuit for perfection, looking outward at the people who will be smoking rather than sterile market research. They then take all this feedback they get to their creative team, a small group of people who are dedicated to ensuring every aspect of their cigars are complete perfection.

CAO also prides themselves on having no restrictions when it comes to what they’ll use to make their cigars. While other companies may exclusively use tobacco or wrappers from certain regions, CAO is open to whatever gets the best flavor. If that’s from Nicaragua or Ecuador or wherever, they’re willing to try it. It’s a spirit of experimentation that makes their stogies such a treat to smoke. There’s a rush of excitement whenever they announce a new cigar. That said, they do love to utilize their massive inventory to bring in rare, small-batch leaves to create some truly unique and tantalizing flavors.

Just looking through CAO’s wide array of cigars, you can really see their mission in action. From the rich blind of the CAO Gold Maduro to the carefree feeling you’ll get from the CAO Havana Daydreamin’, there’s always something new to explore without ever having to venture outside of the brand. Some cigar companies thrive on a consitency that lets you essentially know somewhat of what you’re going to get each time – a quality that’s nothing to turn away from, there’s some great value that comes with that. However, CAO goes a different route and gives you something new each time. Cigar smoking can be an adventure. CAO gives you the platform to jump into the unknown. What is a certain though is that you’re going to get something thrilling each time. And if for some reason you don’t? You can take it up with the company and give them your notes on how it could be better. How cool is that?

Want to try some CAO cigars for yourself? Best Cigar Values has a multitude of different options to try out. Take a stab in the dark with something new or find something more aligned with your taste. Either way, you’re bound to find something you love in their massive lineup.


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