Best Cigar Values: Old School vs New School: Breaking Down The Different Generations of Cigar Brands

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Cigar brands often come with storied histories, with wondrous tales of starts in Cuba or family traditions passed down through generations. In fact, oftentimes that’s part of the appeal of smoking – taking in the history that comes with the brand and the tradition in their method. More and more we're seeing newer brands creeping up and taking the cigar industry into some compelling new directions. To some purists, it may seem like the old school is the best way to get a traditional smoke with newer brands being more of a novelty. We want to dispel that myth. Both new and old brands offer incredible experiences for smokers. Let’s look at a few brands from both ends of the age spectrum and show just how luxurious of a smoke you can, whether it’s something new, something old, or something old trying something new.

Old School Cigars – More Than Just Your Grandpa’s Cigars

The classics are classic for a reason. The early generations of cigar brands didn’t just lay down the foundation for the industry, they helped perfect the craft. Oftentimes these companies, like Cohiba, would start with connections to the crown jewel of cigars – Cuba. Romeo y Julieta was even founded in in 1875 Cigars like these with such longevity almost speak for themselves. They’ve lasted this long because, well, they’re just that good. Davidoff got their start in 1911 as a storefront in Geneva, exploding into a staple cigar for smokers after the founder’s son Zino Davidoff traveled to the Caribbean as well as Central and South America to learn from the tobacco farmers themselves.

Because of this, older cigar brands are often synonymous with prestige. Gurkha Cigars even refers to their brands as the “Rolls Royce of cigars,” touting how they’re often enjoyed by celebrities and government officials because of their high-end tobacco and ornate packaging. But beyond just being legacy brands, all the cigars mentioned so far have succeeded by continuing to innovate and explore new territory. Cohiba is always trying new methods, like the Cohiba Blue that’s designed to keep the class but lower the price. Cohiba isn't just revolutionizing cigars, they're changing up the game with cigar cutters as well. Their shuriken cutter takes a different approach from traditional guillotine cigar cutters, creating six tiny slits at the cap of your cigar to keep it intact. All you have to do is put the cigar in and take it out in full.  

New School Cigars – The Kids Are Alright

While the older brands continue to innovate, that doesn’t mean that no one else is seeking out adventurous and fresh style for cigars. More and more cigar companies are popping up, offering new spins on old favorites. Cigars evolved for hundreds of years, from its earliest iterations scene by Columbus’ crew when they landed in the Caribbean, and they’ve never stopped evolving either.

Alec Bradley cigars are a modern success story, getting their start right as the ‘90s cigar boom was ending. They succeeded by rethinking how they do things, starting by creating cigars specifically aimed at golfers. It’s a theme that’s carried through many newer brands, who’ve found new audiences by crafting great cigars that cater to their tastes and interests. Drew Estate, also formed in 1998, has embraced the spirit of invention with tantalizing lines of cigars like All Out Kings as well as experimenting with flavors like mint and java latte.  

Whether you want to go with an older brand or newer brand of cigar is just a matter of preference. Either route you take, you’re sure to get a quality cigar. Cigars stay excitement because of both their commitment to tradition and willingness to try new things. The whole spectrum is available to you. Take advantage and try it all.

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