7 Things Cigar Smokers Shouldn't Do

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For newbies, getting into cigar smoking for the first time can be intimidating. Even from an outsider point of view, it’s easy to tell that there’s a whole culture around smoking cigars – it’s part of what makes it so alluring. As with taking on any new hobby or skill, it’s always appropriate to ask questions from people who’ve been doing it longer. As you start your cigar pursuits, these are some key “cigar don’ts” that you should avoid to have the best possible experience and to not embarrass yourself in front of seasoned smokers.

Things Cigar Smokers Shouldn't Do

Don’t Stub Out Your Cigar

If you’re done smoking your cigar but still have some of the stogie leftover to smoke later, your instinct might be to stub it out like you would a cigarette. However, you have to fight that impulse and set the cigar down to let it burn itself out. Stubbing out will cause the cigar to let out a foul odor and split the binding. You’ll get grossed out and won’t have your cigar to smoke later on. It’s a lose-lose all around.

Don’t Cut Off Too Much or Cut In Half

When you’re cutting your cigar, make sure you’re cutting off the tip and nothing further down. Cigars are wrapped in an intentional manner, meaning if you cut too far down you might cause it to unwrap. You also may be tempted to cut a cigar in half to share with a friend. That’s a noble intention, but you’ll run into the same risks as if you cut too much off the end. Not only that, but the tobacco is wrapped in a certain order to enhance the experience for the smoker, so you’ll be missing out on the full breadth of the cigar.

Don’t Over Puff

Take your time with your cigar. Trying to rush through a stogie misses the point entirely. You want to catch every nuance and flavor with each puff. These aren’t meant to be chain smoked. Over puffing can also cause the cigar to burn faster and get bitter in the process. Space out your puffs and you’ll have a far better experience.

Don’t Inhale

It can’t be stressed enough the difference between cigarettes and cigars. Inhaling cigar smoke is a quick way to get sick. You want to focus on the taste and flavor, so keep the smoke in your mouth and out of your lungs.

Don’t Improperly Store Your Cigars

Taking cigar smoking seriously means making a few key investments, such a humidor to store your cigars at the right humidity. Don’t just put them back in your cigar box or in the fridge (this is a real thing people do). You’ll ruin the flavor and the cigars will surely dry out. Don’t place half-smoked cigars back in your humidor either – the smell will not only absorb into your other cigars being stored but can seep into the humidor itself and make for a pretty awful smell that you’ll have trouble getting rid of.

Don’t Wet the End of Your Cigar

Wetting the end of your cigar won’t do much, unless it’s not burning evenly. Even then, you have other options to resolve that issue. If you’ve properly stored your cigar in a humidor, you shouldn’t need to wet the end of your cigar with spit or anything else. It’s unsightly and unnecessary.

Don’t Overstep Into Another’s Cigar Smoking Experience

Even with the best of intentions, it’s important to let each smoker enjoy their experience. This doesn’t mean not helping newbies learn the ropes, should they commit any of the faux paus we’ve talked about in this article. But it means not trying to light someone else’s cigar for them or guiding them through how you think they could get the best experience. Smoking cigars is a personal, introspective time – even when you’re in a group. Afford each smoker the same respect you’d like with your own stogie.

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